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Chinese New Year


2014 Year of the Horse
Happy Chinese New Year!
19th of February 2015
Year of the Sheep

1907 - 1919 - 1931 - 1943 - 1955 - 1967 - 1979 - 1991 - 2003 and 2015

Famous Year of the Horse births include:
Buster Keaton, Catherine Deneuve, Chow Yun-Fat, George Harrison, Jane Austen, John Denver, Julia Roberts, Leonard Nimoy, Nicole Kidman, Michelangelo, Mick Jagger, Mark Twain, Orville Wright, Robert De Niro, Thomas Edison, Zhang Ziyi

We hope the New Year brings you Good Fortune!


Animated Fireworks Animated Fireworks 2014 Year of the Horse
Happy Chinese New Year!
31st of January 2014
Year of the Horse

1906 - 1918 - 1930 - 1942 - 1954 - 1966 - 1978 - 1990 - 2002 and 2014

Famous Year of the Horse births include:
Jackie Chan, Frederic Chopin, Sean Connery, James Dean, Ella Fitzgerald, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Sir Isaac Newton, Rembrandt, Jerry Seinfeld, Barbara Streisand, John Travolta, Denzel Washington, Emma Watson

We hope the New Year brings you Good Fortune!


Stylised Golden Serpent
Happy Chinese New Year!
10th of February 2013
Year of the Snake

1905 - 1917 - 1929 - 1941 - 1953 - 1965 - 1977 - 1989 - 2001 and 2013

Famous Year of the Dragon births include:
Kim Basinger, Darwin, Plácido Domingo, Bob Dylan, Christie Brinkley, Art Garfunkel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Hurley, Grace Kelly, Abraham Lincoln, Dean Martin, Mike Oldfield, Picasso, Brad Pitt, Edgar Allen Poe, Paul Simon, Liv Tyler

 We hope the New Year brings you Good Fortune!


golden dragon golden dragon
Happy Chinese New Year!
23rd of January 2012
Year of the Dragon

The Dragon is the mightiest sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Year of the Dragon is traditionally associated with new beginnings and good Fortune. Dragons live by their own rules and, left to their own devices, are usually successful - they are driven and willing to take risks. Generally it is predicted that any new venture may benefit from the outstanding luck often associated with the dragon. As the world suffers through one of the worst economic calamities in recent memory, bold new leadership will help the circumstances of those suffering most from recent financial setbacks.

2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon. Water calms the Dragon's Fire. Water Dragons are able to see things from other points of view and therefore the signs are auspicious for the coming year - grandiose plans which encompass many points of view and hopefully give a thoughtful perspective to the plight of the less fortunate. An opportunity for the wisdom of the Dragon to shine forth!

1904 - 1916 - 1928 - 1940 - 1952 - 1964 - 1976 - 1988 - 2000 and 2012

Famous Year of the Dragon births include:
Joan of Arc, Jeffrey Archer, Roseanne Barr, Count Basie, Juliette Binoche, Sandra Bullock, Marlene Dietrich, Placido Domingo, Calista Flockhart, Sigmund Freud, Tom Jones, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Florence Nightingale, Al Pacino, Cliff Richard, George Bernard Shaw, Ringo Starr and Mae West.

We hope the New Year brings you Good Fortune!


Animated Fireworks
Animated Fireworks

3rd of February 2011

People born in the Year of the Rabbit are articulate, talented, and ambitious. They are virtuous, reserved, and have excellent taste. Rabbit people are admired, trusted, and are often financially lucky. They are fond of gossip but are tactful and generally kind. Rabbit people seldom lose their temper. They are clever at business and being conscientious, never back out of a contract. They would make good gamblers for they have the uncanny gift of choosing the right thing. However, they seldom gamble, as they are conservative and wise. They are most compatible with those born in the years of the Sheep, Pig, and Dog.

Famous Year of the Rabbit births include:
Napoleon Buonaparte, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Lewis Carroll, Marie Curie, Johnny Depp, Albert Einstein, Julian Lennon, George Orwell, Orson Welles

Years of the rabbit: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011

We hope the New Year brings you Good Fortune!
Animated Fireworks
Chinese New Year Balloon         Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year!

14th February 2010

Tiger According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2010 is the Year of a Golden Tiger, which begins on February 14, 2010 and ends on February 2, 2011. The first day of the lunar New Year 2010 falls on the 14th day of February, which is Saint Valentine's Day, so it is a day the West celebrates as a lovers' day, a day of romance. To the Chinese, it is the start of the Golden Tiger Year. The Tiger is the third sign in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 animal signs. It is a sign of courage. This fearless and fiery fighter is revered by the ancient Chinese as the sign that wards off the three main disasters of a household: fire, thieves and ghosts. On New Year's day itself, it is beneficial to celebrate, to be happy, to have smiling faces, and to refrain from scowling, quarreling, or criticizing anyone.

The Tiger is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and is feared and revered in equal measure. It features in many Asian cultures as a manifestation of courage, power, passion and royalty. In Feng Shui, it is one of the four celestial animals where it takes its place as the White Tiger. The other three celestial animals are the Green Dragon, Red Phoenix and Black Tortoise. The Tiger symbolizes the female Yin energy as opposed to the Yang male energy of the dragon. Ancient Chinese believe that the markings on the forehead of tigers resemble the Chinese character for "Wang", or King. In Imperial China, where the dragon is the insignia of the emperors, the tiger is the military emblem of the highest supreme commanders of the army symbolizing fearlessness and victory. The Tiger also represents earth, while the dragon represents Heaven. The powerful and stealth prowess of the Tiger inspire the martial art movements of many Kung-Fu masters.

The Sign of the Tiger

Animated Fireworks Animated Fireworks Courageous, active, and self-assured. Optimistic, passionate and independent. Rebellious, dynamic, and unpredictable. Quick tempered but considerate. Affectionate but careless. The Tiger is a natural born leader and symbolizes power, passion and daring.

People born in the Year of the Tiger are generally well liked because of their charming personalities. Often, failing at a given task or being unproductive in his personal or professional life can cause a Tiger to experience a deep depression. Criticism from loved ones can also generate this type of Tiger reaction.

Tigers are fond of competitions. They simply cannot pass up a challenge. They may appear cool and are unpredictable, and it would be unwise to underestimate their reactions. Natural leaders, they have a strong sense of their own dignity. They are intelligent, alert, and farsighted. Good strategists and tacticians, they often have a hidden agenda. As long as they do not risk their luck too often, and keep their restless nature under control, they will enjoy success and happiness.

People born in the Year of the Tiger are straightforward and uninhibited in nature. They will never give up no matter how frustrated they may become. But, they are also full of suspicion and sometimes will take hasty action.

They must be aware of how they react to and are affected by the consequences of their tempers. They should take it a little easier and learn to pace themselves to keep active longer and to prevent early burnout. They are blessed with flexibility and often recover quickly from illness or pain.

Some people born in the Year of the Tiger are gentle and full of sympathy. They are kind, love babies and anything that arouses their imagination. Others can be stubborn and selfish. Generally speaking, people born in the Year of the Tiger are fond of playing, and full of enthusiasm and sentiment. Some are mercurial. They can laugh happily one moment, and cry the next. They will be optimistic, but at the next they will lose their heart totally.

People born in the Year of the Tiger take pride in being different than others, and generally illustrate their originality best in their homes. Their homes are usually filled with exotic treasures. They are fast learners, need challenge and often work alone. Some tend to change careers more often because they get bored easily. They are natural born leaders and perform best if working towards positions of power and influence. They like to spend money, and also to share it. They can be quite impulsive spenders because they know they can always make more.

It is interesting that their two main features are rashness and hesitation, a pair of contradictions. If they know how to relax and do things according to the situation, they can become quite successful.

Famous Year of the Tiger births include:
Queen Elizabeth, Alec Guinness, Ludwig van Beethoven and Charles De Gaulle.

Years of the Tiger: 1902/1914/1926/1938/1950/1962/1974/1986/1998 and 2010

We hope the New Year brings you Good Fortune!
Text with kind persmission of Spring Liao of
Spring's Greeting Cards

Chinese New Year Balloon         Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year!

26th January 2009
The Year of the Rat is ending and it will soon be the Year of the Ox.

The Ox conveys prosperity through qualities of fortitude and hard work. A stable, fearless and friendly animal, the Ox is calm, patient and tireless, enduring difficulties without complaint. Those born in the Year of the Ox are believed to be born leaders with a hard-wired ability to achieve great things, they know they will succeed through hard work and sustained effort and find no truth or benefit in concocting get-rich-quick schemes.

2009 Year of the Ox

Famous Year of the Ox births include:
Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, and President Barack Obama.

YEARS OF THE OX: 1901/1913/1925/1937/1949/1961/1973/1985/1997 and 2009

We hope the New Year brings you Good Fortune!


Happy Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year begins on 7th February this year. The year of the Pig is ending and it will soon be the year of the Rat.

To help you celebrate we have in stock latex and foil Chinese New Year balloons.

We hope the New Year brings you good fortune.

See us at Aberystwyth Arts Centre's

Sunday 10th February 2008
11a.m. - 5p.m.

Chinese New Year at the Arts Centre Chinese New Year at the Arts Centre Chinese New Year at the Arts Centre
Chinese New Year at the Arts Centre

The Sign of the Rat

An opportunist with an eye for a bargain, Rats tend to collect and hoard, but are unwilling to pay too much for anything. They are devoted to their families, particularly their children. Quick-witted and passionate, they are capable of deep emotions despite their cool exteriors. Their nervous energy and ambition may lead them to attempt more tasks than they are able to complete successfully. Rats are blessed with one of the best intellects going.

The sign of the Rat is the first one in the cycle giving Rat people exude great leadership qualities and are good at taking the lead. They don't mind a lot of responsibility and they demonstrate a strong presence that other people respect. For those with the Rat nature, status and monetary satisfaction are the greatest motivation.

Pinting of Year of the Rat by Spring Liao The affect of the sign of the Rat is energetic, and demonstrates enough endurance to fight most any sickness. Yet, all Rats tend to be tense, full of nervous energy, and prone to stress. Yoga and meditation would benefit Rats by calming their aggressive natures and helping them manage stress.

Rats make good homemakers who are always willing to do household chores. Because this is a sign of acquisition, the Rat person's house is presumably bursting with various knick-knacks collected over the years. Most Rats are cheerful, domesticated individuals who find happiness at home with their family.

The Chinese say others should always listen to the advice of the Rat. Because of their intellect and observatory powers, Rat people possess prudence and perception. They can anticipate problems, and are always able to see the big picture. Status, money, title and recognition are important to the Rat. They have keen sense of observation that allow them to foresee upcoming business opportunities as well as potential occupational problems. The Rat makes a better boss than an employee. Rats work better in flexible situations where they can be freely creative.

Cunning and thrifty, Rats have a knack with money and are apt to save for rainy days. When capable, the Rat is a great money saver, and in strapped times he knows how to make something out of nothing or how to make things advantageous for himself.

Generally friendly and sociable, the Rat is one of the extroverts of the 12 Animal signs. They have a special gift for easing the minds of others. It is not surprising that Rats have a lot of friends. To the people they love, Rats can be amazingly charitable, popular and supportive. Although Rats like to be in the driver's seat, they do need partners who can keep up with their active lifestyles. Rat people are romantic, and are always happier to have someone to share with.

'Sign of the Rat' (text and painting) with kind persmission of Spring Liao of Spring's Greeting Cards


Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is 18th February this year. The year of the Dog is ending and it will soon be the year of the Pig.

To help you celebrate we have in stock latex and foil Chinese New Year balloons.

We hope the New Year brings you good fortune.

Chinese New Year Balloon         Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year at the Arts Centre Chinese New Year at the Arts Centre Chinese New Year at the Arts Centre
Chinese New Year at the Arts Centre